Speech Pathology Program
Check List

The following checklist can be used to identify children at risk of language or learning problems.

HEARING                                                                    Yes                              No

Does your 6-month-old baby fail to respond vocally when speech is directed at him?



Does your toddler fail to understand simple instructions (eg come to mum)



Does your child have trouble hearing you without looking at your face?



Does his hearing ability fluctuate?



Has he had a history of upper respiratory tract infection?




LANGUAGE PRODUCTION                                       Yes                              No

Was the onset of language delayed (i.e. first words after 18 months of age)?



Does your preschool child use gesture rather than words?



Does your 4-year-old use poor grammar or shorter sentences compared to other his age (eg Hims got him’s car)?



Is your child’s vocabulary more limited than others his age?



Does your 4- 5 year old have trouble retelling a familiar story?



Does your 5 year old know his primary colours?



Does your 5 year old have difficulty with linguistic sequences such as counting to 10 or saying the days of the week?




LANGUAGE PROCESSING                                       Yes                              No

Does your preschool child have trouble remembering nursery rhymes?



Does your 4 year old have trouble recalling 2 part instructions (eg close the door and put your shoes away)



Does your child find it harder listening if there is a background noise?



Can your 3- 4 year old listen to a story?



Can your 5 –6 year old think of rhyming words?



Can your 4 year old join in group activities at preschool?                                         





SPEECH                                                                     Yes                              No

Did your child have difficulty with sucking, swallowing, chewing or dribbling as a baby?



Did he babble less than other babies of his age?



Do strangers have trouble understanding your 4 year old?



Is your child disfluent?



Does your child have an unusual vocal quality (i.e. hoarse, husky, breathy, nasal)





If you have concerns regarding your child it is important to discuss these concerns with a speech pathologist.  Speech pathologists from Chatter Check can assess and treat your child.  A Right to Read Group Program is conducted for children starting school in January each year.


In February 2007, Free Drop in clinics will be arranged so that parents can discuss their concerns regarding their child’s communication skills.


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